The Russian Crisis #3: The crisis at the door: social decline in Russia after 24 February 2022

In this analytical paper, the political scientist Dr. Ilya Matveev examines the renewed social crisis in Russia based on five indicators, namely the standard of living, employment and wages in the industrial area, healthcare, the non-profit sector and demography. While the country's military expenditures, "partial" mobilization and unprecedented sanctions imposed by Western countries have not resulted in a comprehensive economic collapse over the past year, conditions in the country have become much worse. Moreover, the accumulating effects of the escalating social crisis and the war's aftermath have pushed Russia into a new spiral of economic crisis. Beyond that, negative demographic trends are likely to hamper attempts to restore economic stability, leading to prolonged stagnation.

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The crisis at the door

Matveev, Il'ja

The crisis at the door

Social decline in Russia after 24 February 2022
Bonn, 2023

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