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Statement on the designation of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung ‘undesirable organization’
On 14 February 2024, the Russian Prosecutor General's Office declared the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) a so-called ‘undesirable organization’, putting Russian citizens collaborating with…  
25.01.2024 | Publications
Ascent and Decline of Russian Electoral Legislation
Research by Dr. Andrey Yuryevich Buzin, Ph.D. in Law  
28.11.2023 | Publications
Russische Emigration nach Deutschland: 1917-1924 vs. 2022
Analyse von Olga Gulina, unabhängige Beraterin und Expertin für Migrationsmanagement in europäischen Ländern.  
07.07.2023 | Publications
The Russian Crisis #5: New Russian Migrants Against the War: Political Action in Russia and Abroad
The war against Ukraine came as a shock for most Russians, even the most engaged in politics did not think it would go that far. As a result of political upheaval, an exodus of Russians from the…  
08.05.2023 | Publications
New Report of Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS)
Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) conducted a face-to-face survey of Russian migrants who left for Georgia and Armenia after 24 February 2022.  
23.03.2023 | Publications
The Russian Crisis #4: Divides behind the facade of unity
Political theorist and sociologist Greg Yudin elaborates on the pivotal aspects of deep contradictions and inequality in Russian society, exacerbated by the mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin…  
23.03.2023 | Publications
The Russian Crisis #3: The crisis at the door: social decline in Russia after 24 February 2022
In this analytical paper, the political scientist Dr. Ilya Matveev examines the renewed social crisis in Russia based on five indicators, namely the standard of living, employment and wages in the…  
18.01.2023 | Publications
New Publication: Limitations of Anti-War Messaging oriented at Russians
If you want to understand the challenges of anti-war propaganda in Russia and the limits of its success, this paper is a must-read. It provides an in-depth analysis of Putin's communication…  
16.01.2023 | Publications, Neuigkeiten
New Publication: Why does the Kremlin's Propaganda remain effective in wartime?
This paper focuses on the mechanisms by which Putin's propaganda manages to capture people from different information bubbles, audiences, social contexts and positions. The author stresses that the…  
24.02.2022 | Ankündigungen, Veranstaltung, Publications, Neuigkeiten
Der Frieden ist nicht alles, aber alles ist ohne den Frieden nichts
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