Russian Crisis

Russian Crisis is a series of analytical pieces on the implications of the serious crisis caused by events in and around contemporary Russia. This series provides a better understanding of the situation inside Russia and places it in a broader political context

#2: Limitations of anti-war messaging oriented at Russians




If you want to understand the challenges of anti-war propaganda in Russia and the limits of its success, this paper is a must-read. It provides an in-depth analysis of Putin's communication system and how he managed to maintain control over his audience. It also addresses the challenges faced by Russian opposition media in exile and suggests new strategies to reach a wider audience. It also discusses the challenges faced by Western anti-war propaganda in trying to influence the opinion of Russians and makes practical recommendations to improve its effectiveness. This paper is an important an engaging  read for those seeking to gain valuable insights into the complexities of wartime propaganda and communication.


You can read the paper here


#1: Why does the Kremlin's Propaganda remain effective in Wartime?



This paper focuses on the mechanisms by which Putin's propaganda manages to capture people from different information bubbles, audiences, social contexts and positions. The author stresses that the intrinsic complexity and contradictions of Putin's loyal audience are downplayed or completely ignored. Consequently, both the causes of the war and its meaning do not have a single explanation for all Russians, which could be refuted by a set of facts.

You can read the paper here

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